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SearchPean Tiny2s Espresso Scale

SearchPean Tiny2s Espresso Scale

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Origin: Mainland China
Material: Plastic
Accuracy: 0.1g
Scale Type: DIGITAL
Power Source: Battery
Model Number: KC200
Shape: Square
Feature: LED Display
Feature: Mini
Weight Capacity: 2020g

New upgrade:
1. Drip flow, stop flow will not stop the timing, so you can easily make espresso continuously.
2. The design of the packaging box is more beautiful: it adopts gray font and UV icon, which is more advanced.
3. Change the description of the barcode sticker to: Tiny2S Coffee Scale (Casual version )
4. The battery icon is changed to a lightning pattern.
There may be chromatic aberration in the pictures taken, and the actual object shall prevail.


Better Coffee Equipment For You

6 years of digital coffee scale research and development experience and 16 years of precision digital scale production experience.
Only for the best espresso scales

Tiny2S new upgrade

Tiny2S upgrade:

Pressure Sensitive Wake Up

Simple appearance, no button design
Simple startup
Press your finger or other objects to activate
(Press for 2 seconds, 1 N pressure or 100 g weight can wake up)


Tiny2S upgrade:

No need to operate, Efficient espresso making

In the espresso mode,The operation process is the most simple and easy to understand

Easy and Efficient Coffee Making

【3 modes】1. ESP 2. NOM 3. A
Press and hold the timing button to switch between ESP Espresso Auto Timing, NOM Brewing Manual Timing, and A Brewing Auto Timing

【3 units】oz/ml/g Suitable for all kinds of data viewing habits
Triple-click the Boot key/tare key to change units

Case,Designed exclusively for Tiny2S, you need to place an order separately. The design of the box lanyard is subject to change, please refer to the actual product.

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