Our Story

Pocillo means

A small cup, bowl, or in Coffee terms is when you order a pocillo, you are asking the barista for a single espresso shot in a small cup. That's it!

On the other hand, when you order a cortadito, which comes from the word cortado (to cut), the barista will serve an espresso shot with a layer of steamed milk to "cut back" the strength of the coffee. You can argue that a pocillo allows you to taste the real flavors of coffee including their natural sweetness depending on the levels of freshness, roasting, and coarseness.

Coffee or Café how I grew up was part of my life in one way or another. We all develop a relationship with coffee in a particular way: friends, hospitality, self-boost, tradition, and mindfulness.

Pocillo allows us to share our curated collection of coffee-drinking and coffee-brewing accessories, as well as fresh coffee brands, that will help you continue the love and enjoyment of drinking your favorite coffee in the best method to meet your daily desires. 

Having a single-stop shop for coffee lovers was not available before. Pocillo thrives to share our curated collection on multiple categories, and our hand-picked assortments.

Enjoy a POCILLO!

  • Mission

    To provide baristas and home brewers the best experience in preparing and drinking coffee, thru our curated assortment of accessories.

  • Commitment

    In addition, to provide the best experience and a curated assortment, we thrive to provide environmentally sustainable product alternatives.


I can't finish about us, without describing the multiple feelings of how early coffee, or coffee on the run, or any way coffee makes us feel. Excellent!

Regardless of the number of cups per day or night (nobody is counting) I enjoy my coffee mindfully, from holding the cups with two hands to the first zip to the aroma, the warming on my body, and the flavors.

Savoring that first sip of coffee is magical and we are here to share the love of drinking, brewing, and enjoying a cup of joe, in any form shape, or time.

There is nothing like drinking a fresh pocillo of coffee with a great friend or during me-time.

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