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Pocillo Coffee Mugs

Pocillo Coffee Mugs

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This elegant mug features a sleek design with a bold, modern aesthetic.
Size: 11-oz, capacity
White exterior and black interior
Mug Color: White
Accent Colors: Black
Material: Ceramic, dishwasher- & microwave-safe


Its classic cylindrical shape is complemented by a glossy white finish and a contrasting black interior and handle, adding a touch of sophistication. The exterior is adorned with a distinctive logo composed of a minimalist orange circle enclosing a stylized black initial, alongside bold, spaced-out black letters spelling out "POCILLO". The unique branding makes it a standout piece, perfect for those who appreciate contemporary design in their kitchenware. Whether for your morning coffee or as a chic desk accessory, this mug is sure to impress.

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