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Single Dose Coffee Bean Storage Tubes 20-26gv

Single Dose Coffee Bean Storage Tubes 20-26gv

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Storage Tubes

KEEP COFFEE BEANS FRESH - Keep your coffee beans and grinds fresh for longer with our airtight ground coffee containers. Made from strong PC, PE, as strong as glass but more durable!

HOW DOES IT WORK - After roasting, the coffee beans take out CO2 gas for several days. One-Way Exhaust Valve vents CO₂ while blocking external air and moisture!

SINGLE DOSING - Storing your beans or tea and grinds in smaller qualities can reduce any waste, perfect for any home and cafe barista.

EASY BREWING COFFEE - This greatly speeds up the single-dosing workflow by not having to measure the weight of the coffee each time. Dump the coffee beans into the grinder, and get exactly the right amount with no mess.

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