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Latte Cup (2 pcs) | Made from upcycled coffee grounds

Latte Cup (2 pcs) | Made from upcycled coffee grounds

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Giving Coffee A Second Life, One Cup At A Time

The Kreis Latte Cup will elevate your coffee experience, whether it is at home or your favorite coffee shop. Enjoy your morning Latte on a cup made of coffee, literally. Made of up to 30% used coffee grounds recycled from coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, plus plant-based materials.

Designed with ❤️ in Miami FL

Pack of 2
Capacity: 12oz (355ml)

Every coffee cup has a story to tell...

Kreis story is very simple.

Just like most of you, we drink coffee every morning and are left with a dirty coffee filter containing wet coffee grounds that need to be discarded and washed away, many times creating a nice smelling mess.

Just like disposable coffee paper cups, these coffee grounds end up in a landfill, where they take months to decompose. As an experiment, we started accumulating this “waste“ daily in our home and reached 4 lbs. of coffee grounds in a few weeks.

We couldn’t stop thinking about all the coffee grounds thrown away in a commercial setting and asked ourselves: "What if this waste is not meant to be waste?"

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